Revolutionary speed with precision control.

Only EXACTAP™ from Digital Dispense gives you A perfect pour every time.™ DigitalDispense is proud to offer this user-friendly solution for high-volume stadiums, restaurants and bars. With EXACTAP you can put the latest in dispensing technology to work for your business:

Revolutionary Speed = REVENUE

  • Faster pours mean more transactions
  • 20%-55% increased beer sales
  • Up to 67% reduction in labor
  • Eliminates pre-pouring

Precision Control = PROFIT

  • Perfect pours mean increased keg yield
  • 8%-24% more servings from every keg
  • Programmable in-glass presentation with digital foam control
  • Metered dispense that are UK Weights & Measures approved

Complete Data Collection = OPTIMIZATION

  • Data storage/retrieval
  • Inventory control and management
  • POS system integration